Increasingly Popular Destination for Interstate Migration

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Cairns has progressively become more popular over the years and in recent times it has become the city of choice for interstate migrants to  call home. Currently home to 159,000 people, the city offers magnificent coastal living, beautiful tropical weather, warm crystal blue waters and a gateway to the largest World Heritage area in the world. It really isn’t difficult to see why people choose to migrate here to grab a little piece of paradise.

Tropical Summer and Tropical Winter

Moving to Cairns will ensure you get your dose of vitamin D, with sunshine all year round.  The weather is different to most parts of Australia and residents can experience two seasons per year known as the tropical summer (December to April) and the tropical winter (May to November). During the tropical summer, you can expect an abundance of sunshine with hot sunny days with temperatures between 28-32 degrees. Thunderstorms can be expected during the evenings where the level of humidity typically is at its highest. However, tropical winter is where most tourists visit Cairns with temperatures reaching an average maximum of 30 degrees whilst southern states are experiencing cold winter climates.

Two World Heritage Listings

The Great Barrier Reef and the Wet Tropics Rainforest are two world heritage listed natural attractions significant to Cairns. The reef is the largest in the world and is Australia’s first World Heritage listed area, there are over 1500 different species of fish and over 300 species of corals.  The Wet Tropics is a tropical rainforest located in the north east coast of the state starting from Townsville. It covers close to 900,000 hectares of natural beauty with rivers flowing along gorges transforming into scenic waterfalls.

Better Lifestyle

Cairns has all the infrastructure of a big city without being busy, you have access to several shopping centres, great selection of schools and hospitals.  Peak hour traffic is simply non-existent compared to major capitals cities, public transportation is well connected by buses, trains and taxis whilst the airport is less than 10 kilometres from the city and the seaport offers modern catamarans capable of transporting hundreds of passengers.  The beaches of Cairns are known as the northern beaches with crystal white sand and clear blue waters offers plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy life itself.

Tips on Moving

Migrating to Cairns and leaving a place where you once called home can be an extremely testing time. It is important to prepare for any move, the more time you have to plan and organize; the better it will be for your migration.  Moving is never easy, however people who choose to move to Cairns see the amazing coastline, the beautiful marina and imagine the endless opportunities they’ll have to spend in the warm waters.  If considering moving up from the southern states, it is best planned to not coincide with the influx of tourists during tropical winter, take advantage of cheaper airfare tickets and compare vehicle transport quotes to cover your car or boat transportation requirements.